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A new approach to Agricultural and Environmental landscape management.

A new approach to Agricultural and Environmental landscape management.

We supply an extensive range of small seeds including soil-health plants, game cover and grasses. From wildflower meadows mixes to productive silage leys, landscaping, and lawns. At Newtone we supply the Countryside Stewardship schemes seed which farmers and land managers can get funding for. Please find mixtures for. 

Countryside stewardship AB9

Countryside stewardship AB8

Countryside stewardship AB1

Countryside stewardship AB3

Countryside stewardship AB15

Countryside stewardship AB16

Countryside stewardship GS3

Countryside stewardship GS4

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More Information on the uk’s new seed  Silphium Perfoliatum will be coming soon to Newtone’s Website.  If you cannot wait feel free to email us Straight away.  

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Specialised Technical Advice for Landowners & Managers

Specialised technical advice for landowners and managers. Our experienced advisors have a range of practical, scientific and business knowledge to build the bespoke package that you need.

Our field of expertise is planning effective cropping rotations, integrating livestock into a more holistic approach to farming whilst managing environmental schemes effectively and profitably.